Welcome to Nåltanosens!

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Ripley has a litter of puppies (born April 22-23 2024)! More info below and as it comes!

Pia, Ripley and some white truffles they found, competing in Italy.

About Nåltanosens

The name is north Swedish and means something along the lines of "impressive nose".

We are a Swedish couple living in Switzerland, and we have a Lagotto called Ripley (aka Galottens Canini in the pedigree).

We're a brand new kennel. We just have the one dog, and we're in it for the love of the Lagotto breed, and for the experience.

About the litter

They're here! Five healthy and beautiful puppies!

Three are still available.

Summer holiday time is coming up, but we can of course help with housing a puppy in case a buyer has travel plans.

More pics here We'll keep adding to that.

Three days old. Left to right: Aurelius, Amiga, Athena, Artemis, Atlas

Click on the tabs below to see some pictures and info about each puppy!


Athena was the first to be born. She's so far the biggest puppy and also the most forwards.

She looks a lot like her father, the color is "Bianco marrone".


Amiga is a brown (Marrone) girl with a white right front paw.

She's very social, and likes to approach us, tail wagging.


Artemis is a brown (Marrone) girl.

She's very curious, and was the first to make any serious attempts at escaping the litter box. She was also first to play with a ball.


Atlas is the second biggest puppy. He is white-orange (Bianco arancio)

Like his namesake, he's strong and forwards.


Aurelius is an orange (Arancio) boy.

He has the fluffiest fur and sleeps the most.

About Ripley

Ripley is a working line Lagotto Romagnolo.

She's a very active dog, who loves to work and learn. (But some cuddles after the work is done is also very popular.)
She's also careful and takes a little while to get to know new people.

She's very nose oriented, and loves finding truffles, chanterelles and other things.
Recently we've begun training her to look for human smell using a "Bringsel" (token).

She also loves water, swimming, riding SUP (stand-up paddle boards) and boats.

We go fishing a lot in Sweden and Switzerland, and she loves to come along.

Baccio and Ripley

Contact info:

You can contact us by email at Pia or Björn.
Or by phone: +41 78 714 18 65 (Pia) or +41 79 830 08 10 (Björn)

Physically, we are at:
Rütistrasse 4
8134 Adliswil

"Under construction"